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For a long time that the level of Lineage Gracia Final is in total disregard, amateurs, beginners even children in charge of servers, thus making several players to leave the Gracia Final or even stop playing or start looking H5 servers or even the Official to be able to have fun in a satisfactory manner, and it is for this reason that the team is returning L2 Origin, come bring you the opportunity to play a server that everyone can enjoy. Participate is with great step that satisfies this message to all players


Please be advised that any infractions will result in warnings, chat bans, Jail time or bans.



Main Server Rules

Respect all Lineage2 Staff.

No Bug Exploiting (Buff Stacking, sniping, etc.

Do not impersonate staff.

Do not beg for adena or items.

Do not hit NPCs.

Spawnkilling is not permitted

No using modifications or third party scripts

No hateful, nazi comments or racial slurs.

Do not ask to become a GM.

Sniping/perching is not permitted


Account Rules

Dual-boxing is permitted, but the use of L2 Walker is prohibited and if caught using it you will be banned immediately.

Sharing accounts is allowed but you are responsible for giving out your information. Give your information out at your own risk.

GMs do not restore lost or dropped items. The only items that will be restored will be donator items in the event of a rollback or wipe (we hope there isn't ever one but you never know).



Player vs Player (PvP) Rules

This is a Classic server. GMs do NOT police non peace zones. With the exception of spawn killing, grief buffing, PKing, PvPing is legal in combat zones.

You are in combat zone as soon as you leave spawn areas of maps.

If you see a player in a 'flagged' state in the spawn area, you are allowed to PvP.


Bug Exploiting Rules

Buffstackers will be banned immediately.

Sniping/perching is prohibited and if found doing so you will be de-leveled.



Spawn killing is legal if you move, chat, use soul shots or any other activity proving that you have finished loading.

Everyone who teleports to a new location is protected under the 60 second spawn killing rule.

When a player appears on your screen you cannot attack them unless they show a sign of awareness for 20 seconds.

Sniping/perching is hitting a mob from a raised position in which it is unable to hit back.








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